Reception & Year 1


Welcome to our  class page!

 We celebrated Chinese New Year! We learnt about the Chinese tradition by exploring artefacts, learning about the Chinese Zodiac, writing Chinese numbers and even made our own Chinese Banquet! We had a great day but it was even better when our families came to share this with us in the afternoon! 5th February 2019


Who stole the gold box

When we returned to school after Christmas, we made a terrible discovery! A villain had taken Mrs Chibbaro’s and Miss Sweeney’s gold boxes! The villain had left a note for us to read together. We then had to transform in to superheroes to look for clues! We practiced writing lists and captions of the clues we found, we even found kidnapped toys in the outdoor area! We worked together using our super powers to find the gold boxes and return the toys to our classrooms

A real life superhero comes to visit R/1

3/2 Today we had a special visitor, as a real life superhero came to visit us! We are lucky enough to have one of our parents work as a nurse, and we listened carefully to how she helps people. We looked at the uniform she was wearing and the equipment and tools she had brought in to show us. We looked at different pictures of people who help us in the community, and discussed why they are super! It was very interesting!

Reception used this visit to further their understanding of the world by exploring people in the community. We dressed up as doctors, nurses and even had a fire station in the outdoor role play area for us to become real life superheroes too!

In year 1 we also linked this visit to our History work by comparing modern nurses to our work on Florence Nightingale. We looked at pictures of Florence working as a nurse during the war and compared them to modern times. We practiced spotting old and new things in a picture as well as using historical phrases such as ‘a long time ago, then, in the past’.