5th November 2019

Look at the fantastic art work the Year 2 children have created today with pastels! They wanted to represent the image of Moses leading the Jewish people out of Egypt to freedom.




4th November 2019 

Welcome to Advent 2, it's a packed half term kicking off with a focus on Judaism this week and then Autumn Watch next week. This week we are looking at the importance of Moses and Abraham to the Jewish faith. In English we are using the text 'Moses in the Bulrushes' and in R.E. we will be looking at how Moses led the people out of Egypt. Ask your child about these stories and what they have learnt about the Jewish faith. 




World Book Day

Today was World Book Day and we celebrated all things books! In our Math lesson, we measured books, collated information about our favourite books and presented it in a pictogram, we measured each other using books (Mr Shelton was 7 books long!!) We then enjoyed finding out more about Jeanne Willis who is the author of our driver text, The Bog Baby. Do you know she has written over 180 books? We had a special café and we were able to have book tasting! We thoroughly enjoyed our book filled day! The Year 2 made their own Bog Baby using playdoh and feathers. To finish the day, we were visited by another teacher and shared a book together. It was such a great day! Thank you to all parents, grandparents and friends who had a stressful few days looking for costumes for the children, we know they appreciated your help!

World Maths Day

Today our Year 6 Maths Ambassadors wowed us by teaching our basic skills sessions. Then they stayed around to spend a morning playing maths games and completing 3D shape maths challenges with us.

Structure Making

Spring term has been really eventful; we have been looking at different types of buildings and structures. During our DT sessions we have planned and made a variety of different structures, we had to scientifically test them to see if they were strong enough. The big, bad Troll from our story would have been really proud of our marshmallow bridges, we certainly were!

Builders’ Merchants

Our math skills were put to good use as we worked out how much it would cost for the Three Little Pigs to build their houses at out Builders Merchants. Gravel was a big hit at only 10p a bag!

Mrs Oldershaw and Mrs Jones’ Class Liturgy

We had a lovely class liturgy all about ‘Books’. We love books at English Martyrs’ and it was great to be able to celebrate this as well as hearing a story from our special book, the Bible. Thank you to all those who were able to come and join in with our celebration.