22nd October 2018 

Aututmn Watch Week - Trent College Trip


Today we walked to Trent College to experience all the signs of Autumn. It was thirsty work getting there so Trent College gave us a sit down, some squash and a biscuit. Then it was on with the spotting! We used our 5 senses to spot what we could about Autumn and the changing season, picking up lots to take back to school and discuss.



5th September 2018

Welcome back!                     


We have kicked off the new academic year with a mission week in Year 1 and 2 where we have been thinking about our school mission statement and what each letter stands for.

We have spent each day looking at one letter and what it means to us as pupils and learners at English Martyrs', preparing ourselves for the year ahead. We have been having lots of fun getting to know our new classrooms and making new friends.


Ask your child if they have learnt anything new about the school this week. Perhaps ask them about our PLTs (Personal, Learning and Thinking skills).





RSPB visit  - 8th May

We were lucky enough to be visited by a voluteer from the RSPB today. Abbie talked to us about habitats and animals we might find in different environments. We then went outside in the beautiful sunshine and observed all the places we offer on our school grounds as homes for animals and insects.

We were surprised at how many places we could find. On our maps of the school grounds we were able to find hedgehog houses, bird boxes, long grass, short grass, hedges, a bug hotel, trees, a vegetable garden, pots of flowers and many more.

Abbie then gave us a challenge to add 3 more habitats to our grounds which we are going to try and do before the end of the year

We then spent the rest of our learning time researching in the RSPB website, making seed balls for the birds, using the construction to make bird boxes and creating habitats out of junk modelling.

If you would like to create any animal homes in your gardens at home there is lots of information on the RSPB website.



Bricks 4 Kidz Morning

Today (15th February) we had a visit from Bricks 4 Kidz to celebrate the end of our ‘Who was the Greatest Inventor?’ topic. We started with a Spin Art workshop where we worked in teams to build a spinning fan using Lego, complete with a motor. Linda explained the instructions and the pieces that we had in each of our packs. When we had finished we attached paper plates to our constructions and used felt tip pens to create our artwork as the plates spun around. It was lots of fun!

After playtime we had a Fairground workshop. We worked in pairs to build different fairground rides with Lego and motors. We had to think about the different pieces we were using and carefully follow the instructions. Once everyone had finished making their rides, we put them altogether and switched them on to complete the fairground!


Toy morning 

On 30th November we celebrated our 'What's the Toy Story?' topic by inviting in our family members into school to share toys from their childhood. The previous day we had made biscuits for our visitors and also thought about how we wanted the hall to be decorated. We decided that there definitely needed to be music, cups of tea, bunting and flowers on the tables! We shared some of our topic work with the adults and also showed them how to make a thaumatrope, a popular illusion toy from the past. 


Year 1 and 2 step back in time!

On the 7th November we stepped back in time when we visited the Museum of Childhood at Sudbury Hall. We were able to visit a real toy museum and play with lots of toys from the past. We learnt about the different types of toys from Victorian times and how toys have changed to the present day. We had so much fun playing and exploring with all the toys. We discussed why many of the toys were made from wood in the past and the different materials we know toya are now made from. We talked about how the properties of these materials make them suitable for toys. We also got the chance to explore what life was like for children in the past, looking at different bedrooms from the past which were on the ceiling, visiting a Victorian school room and even crawling through a chimney when working as a chimney sweep. What a fantastic day!



Year 1 & Year 2

Welcome to the new academic year! We hope you have had a restful Summer and are looking forward to the new challenges we have planned.



World Book Day

Today was World Book Day and we celebrated all things books! In our Math lesson, we measured books, collated information about our favourite books and presented it in a pictogram, we measured each other using books (Mr Shelton was 7 books long!!) We then enjoyed finding out more about Jeanne Willis who is the author of our driver text, The Bog Baby. Do you know she has written over 180 books? We had a special café and we were able to have book tasting! We thoroughly enjoyed our book filled day! The Year 2 made their own Bog Baby using playdoh and feathers. To finish the day, we were visited by another teacher and shared a book together. It was such a great day! Thank you to all parents, grandparents and friends who had a stressful few days looking for costumes for the children, we know they appreciated your help!

World Maths Day

Today our Year 6 Maths Ambassadors wowed us by teaching our basic skills sessions. Then they stayed around to spend a morning playing maths games and completing 3D shape maths challenges with us.

Structure Making

Spring term has been really eventful; we have been looking at different types of buildings and structures. During our DT sessions we have planned and made a variety of different structures, we had to scientifically test them to see if they were strong enough. The big, bad Troll from our story would have been really proud of our marshmallow bridges, we certainly were!

Builders’ Merchants

Our math skills were put to good use as we worked out how much it would cost for the Three Little Pigs to build their houses at out Builders Merchants. Gravel was a big hit at only 10p a bag!

Mrs Oldershaw and Mrs Jones’ Class Liturgy

We had a lovely class liturgy all about ‘Books’. We love books at English Martyrs’ and it was great to be able to celebrate this as well as hearing a story from our special book, the Bible. Thank you to all those who were able to come and join in with our celebration.