We made it! (WB 6.7.20 and 13.7.20)

We certainly did not imagine this was how we would be ending the year but here we are. It is going to be a strange last two weeks but we continue to be proud of you for being resilient and carrying on. This fortnight we are looking at an inspirational poem called "Don't quit" and hope that it encourages you to keep going before your Summer break and look forward to your return to school in September. Once again, find your maths, RE and literacy/ topic home learning plans in the downloads section, as well as additional resources to help your learning. 

You will also find some delights on our YouTube channel so head over there too. 

Have a fantastic fortnight LKS2! xxx

Be brave, be bold, be you! (WB 22.6.20 and 29.6.20)

As we continue our learning at home, we are sticking with our amazing and inspirational book "The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse" and hope that it continues to provide strength and solace in these strange times. We are going to deep dive into different feelings and emotions over the next two weeks and consider what it means to be brave, by taking advice from some of the characters in the book. 

Again, find your maths, RE and topic/ literacy plans in the download section and use them to guide your learning. Please contact us if you need any more support and we look forward to seeing your amazing work, as always. 

Lots of love x

Whole School Topic (WB 8.6.20 and 15.6.20)

Hello everybody! This week we are launching a whole school topic to unite us all, no matter where or how our learning is taking place. We have chosen a lovely book you may have heard of by Charlie Mackesy called "The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse" who has given us special permission to use it and feature it on our YouTube channel. We hope it will inspire you, as it has your teachers, and gives you hope that better days are coming, and we are looking forward to see how you respond to this beautiful tale of friendship.

As always, download the documents we have added to this page (maths, RE and topic/ literacy) and then head over to the EM YouTube channel to listen to some of your teachers sharing the story with us. Click here

Also, if you want to see the individual pages of the book, click here.

There are also plenty of tutorials involving maths, writing, reading and foundation subjects on the EM YouTube channel. Like and subscribe! :)

Pentecost 2 (WB 1.6.20)

Hello and welcome back everyone! We cannot believe we are here already! We would like to use this first week back as a LIGHT week to reconnect with our Mission Statement to help guide us through these strange times. Please see the documents we have uploaded for more guidence and we hope you enjoy the activities we have suggested. There is also a maths plan for some daily maths activities too. 

We have some very exciting plans for the upcoming weeks so please stay connected with us in this next part of the journey. Check back here again next week for the launch of our next topic.  

Week 5- "The Tyger"

We cannot believe we are at this point already! In our final week of this half term we would like to add some virtual WOW to our weeks. Check out our performance of the poem "The Tyger" by William Blake on our latest YouTube sensation.

Click here for the 'launch' video

Click here for a Guided Read with Mrs Pettifer on this dramatic poem

There are also lots of ideas to inspire your learning for the week. We are then hoping that you recreate our video and recite some or all of the poem so we can compile a whole team video of your performance poetry. 

As always keep in contact, let us know if you need any help and we look forward to seeing what you come up with this week. 

Good luck and enjoy!

Year 3 Class Charity- Cancer Research1200px-Cancer_Research_UK.svg

Hello Year 3! As we had to cancel our bake sale and other fundraising ideas, I am going to do some solo fundraising for our class charity. I am aiming to run 100k in May so would love your support. If you can donate, please visit this website...


If not, please don't worry but it would be lovely if you could maybe run 1km too to show your support. Has anyone else done any fundraising during the school closures? It would be great to hear about it!

Wish me luck!

Lots of love

Miss Dickson x


A Journey for Hope...

Hello everyone! We hope you are all doing well at home. We loved all your projects from the last two weeks and are so proud of your home learning. We would like to continue with this "Home" theme by introducing a new text, "A Journey for Hope." This book was written by some former year 3 and 4 students at English Martyrs' and considers how important it is to look after the home of us all, our planet Earth. Check out our next launch video to get some new ideas of how this text can support your learning too but, as always, please take your learning in whatever direction you choose. 


You also find updated documents in the downloads section to give you some more guidance for your topic, literacy and maths work at home. 

We can't wait to see and hear about what you get up to next. Let us know if there are any specific YouTube tutorials you would like to see. 

Take care,

All your Teachers and TAs xxx

Here's a message from one of our School Councillors!

School Concillor note

Welcome to Pentecost!

Welcome back to your "virtual school" with a new set of learning ideas. We hope you have had a lovely Easter with your close family, have eaten lots of chocolate Easter Eggs and are keeping safe, healthy and well connected. In the download tab, please find a maths learning guide for year 3 and 4 that you can follow to help structure your maths learning over the next two weeks. Again, this is only a suggestion.

You will also find some topic home learning ideas. Please check out our new YouTube video too to help you get started with your next project.

Click here to see the video!

Hopefully, this allows you to be a little bit creative with what you want to learn about but we have provided enough structure to help you too. Mrs Kent has also very kindly made a wordsearch for you to try if you can or maybe you could make your own using hers as inspiration.

We look forward to hearing all about your holidays and will be in touch to help you with your learning in this new term. 

Let's do this!!!

If you'd like to share your homework, creative projects or family fun activities with your teachers you can ask an adult to email us directly at:




Don't forget to say whether you also give permission for your work to be shared on this webpage. We can't wait to hear from you!

Exciting news about our reading chairs!

You may remember that as part of out topic on Long Eaton, some children designed reading chairs for our classrooms. This was to celebrate Long eaton being a Centre of Quality for upholstery manufacturer. Well, we are pleased to be able to bring you a sneak peak at the chairs being made! We hope to see these in our class reading corners one day soon and we send all our love to the workers at Gascoigne Designs and wish them a speedy but safe return to work!

Easter Holidays!

Well done everyone for finishing our Lent term in a more unusual way than normal. We are so proud, as always, of how you have approached this new way of living and have loved seeing and hearing about the amazing things you have been doing at your "home-school". But for now, we all deserve a little break to enjoy relaxing and having fun with our loved ones. We have put together some suggested activities that you might want to have a go at so CLICK HERE if you are interested. 

See you soon and remember to stay safe (and in the words of one of our classmates, stay home).

Miss Dickson, Ms Copeland, Mrs Oldershaw and Mrs Pettifer 


Visit our new EM YouTube channel!

Click here!

As well as our other Home Schooling ideas, why not have a go at our new video tutorials:

  • Mrs Pettifer's Portrait lesson (featuring a cameo from Kim)
  • Miss Dickson's dance tutorial
  • Mrs Jenkins' Roman Latin singing sensation
  • Miss Copeland's Haiku poetry tutorial, as requested by Leonora!
  • Mrs Thompson reading the first chapter of one of her favourite books. You could use it as inspiration for your own writing or set up a guided read group with your family and discuss the characters!  

Remember to let us know how it went if you tried them. Are there any other video tutorials you would like to see?

Holy Week 2020

As Holy Week is approaching us, we thought it might be nice to have an RE focus as part of your home learning. Please see the RE resources added below that might give you some inspiration to make links to different scripture and other sources. There are also some useful questions to prompt your thoughts, discussions and writing about Holy Week. Remember how creative our RE lessons are...you could show your understanding through art, dance, cartoon strips, writing and many other ways. You could even turn the scripture into a song and add some of your own actions! We look forward to seeing whatever you decide to do. 

As always, please keep in touch with us! Hope you are staying safe and connected. 


Holy week

RE Holy Week retell prompts 30.3.20

RE Sources and Links 30.3.20

Week 2 of Home School

Hello again! Please find new home schooling material on the "Home schooling" page on the website. There is a maths, literacy and topic link full of plenty of ideas to keep you busy. All the listed skills HAVE already been taught in the Lent term so hopefully this is an opportunity for you all to show off to your parents how much you know and consolidate this learning! Remember these are only suggestions so feel free to continue your learning however you like, as long as you are "being the best you can be," EM style!

 We'd love to see the portraits you create, your own Roman singing videos and your Haikus so please send them in! Here are some of the portaits our school community have already done. We think they're fabulous!

Joyce 1Joyce 2Joyce 3Joyce 4Joyce 5Joyce 6Karolina portraitSophia portraitIMG_20200405_123849_resized_20200405_124037510IMG_20200405_121459_resized_20200405_121633467

Yay! You did it!

Well done for completing week one of home-school life. I am very sure us teachers aren't the only ones who are finding this a little strange but hopefully you are all using this time to spend quality time with family and maybe unearth some hidden talents and skills. We have loved all the emails we have been sent with your amazing work so keep them coming. Keep your eyes open for some new suggested home learning activities coming your way very soon on the "home learning page". For now, here is some great work (and inspiration maybe) by Leonora, Karolina, Ethan, Darcy, Flo and Torben. Well done guys!

Missing you all.

Miss Dickson, Ms Copeland, Mrs Oldershaw and Mrs Pettifer



Filips Powerpoint

Leonora Volcan modelLeonora liturgyEthan Powerpoint

Ethan's Homework on Romans

Hi year 3 & 4!

Welcome to week 1 of your home learning! We are missing you already and hope you are all well and happy?

We know some of you have already been busy on your Romans topic work and we are REALLY impressed by what we've seen of this and your other creative projects too (we have a guitar virtuoso in the making and check out Konrad's PowerPoint!) We look forward to your emails and photos sharing what you are up to. Remember, if you have any questions about your home-learning projects just send us an email to enquiries@englishmartyrs.derbyshire.sch.uk and we'll help in any way we can. Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay team EM!

 Karolina guitarKonrads Powerpoint 

Year 3 & 4 Lent 2: Where did the Romans roam?

Our Lent 2 learning will be all about the Roman Empire and its impact on life in Britain. We will also be linking this to the Easter story as we find out about life for Jesus in Jerusalem under Roman occupation. This will prepare us well for our Easter Production to tell the story of Jesus' sacrifice for us.

Please take note of our Lent 2 homework which is asking you to create a very special artwork to benefit our three class charities: Building Hope in Bunkpurugu; Nottingham Children's Hospital and Cancer Research.

Lent 2 RE homework

Year 3 & 4 Lent 1: Where does our food come from and where does it go?

The year is flying by already, we can scarcely believe it! During this half term, we looked inside ourselves – literally! We have learned all about our digestive system and healthy eating, supported by our wonderfully engrossing text: the Incredible Book Eating Boy. We produced some fabulous artwork inspired by the text as well. To celebrate our topic, we had a cookery course and got stuck in to creating the perfect picnic.

IMG_5501 IMG_5464 thumbnail_IMG_5436Knowledge mat screenshot

Year 3 & 4 Advent 2: What's the story of Derby Road?

Last term went so fast with lots of excellent progression being shown across the phase. We have had a super busy half term and we were so impressed with the historical knowledge about Long Eaton that was shared in the last few weeks, and even more impressed with how the children conducted themselves when the town planning officers came into school to view the DT models of Derby Road. We shared all that we learnt all about the geography and history of our region.

IMG_5286 IMG_5283

We are also excited to announce that we are celebrating that Long Eaton is a 'Centre of quality' for the upholstery trade by commissioning our very own reading chairs! The children visited the Artistic Upholstery Factory then designed the chair of their dreams! Watch this space for photos of the finished chairs...

thumbnail_IMG_5308 thumbnail_IMG_5309 thumbnail_IMG_5311 (1)

You can look at the full plan of what we learnt about on the downloads section of this page!

Capture for webpage

Year 3 & 4 Advent 1: Who stole the happy endings?

This topic has been based around a book called "The Lost Happy Endings". In the book, all the happy endings are stolen by a witch and the main character, Jub, tries to rewrite all the happy endings with a golden pen before the children go to bed. We experimented with our own golden pen to make some silk bunting for Nottingham Children's Hospital, Ms Copeland's class charity. We are really enjoying creating our own flag, inspired by the book. 

We also had a very exciting WOW day where the teachers were very confused. All the books had gone so we had to find out who took them. We were left lots of mysterious clues to try to solve. We had to investigate the changing states of materials and tried to change different materials between solids, liquids and gases. Luckily, we found out that it was only Mrs Kent who had taken all the books into the cupboard to have some quient reading time because she loves books so much.

(This website update has been brought to you by our year 3 Learners!)



We have begun our journey in year 3 and 4 with our Mission statement pause week. We thought carefully about our mission as English Martyrs' pupils to live in Jesus' light. Each class discovered their Gospel Value - the values of Compassion, Faith and Equality which will guide us through the year.

IMG_8256 IMG_8257 IMG_8262

IMG_8259 IMG_8260 IMG_8263