Well done year 3 & 4 class of 2018/19. You have made us proud this year - enjoy your well earned break!

Year 3 & 4 Pentecost 2: Were the Greeks really groovy?

Our year 3&4 research tells us that yes, the ancient Greeks were really groovy! In our English lessons, we read and retold the story "Jump for Glory" in which a young boy battles to overcome his arch enemy in the first ever Olympic games. This story inspired us to learn all about the skeletal and muscular systems so that we could be Olympians too! We learnt all about the groovy Greek diet, the lives of ordinary Greeks, the artwork they created and the sports they played. It was MEGA! (That's an Ancient Greek word by the way!)

Please click on the titles below to see Learning Product for this term -our amazing PowerPoints! They are all our own work and we are proud to share them with you.

Ancient Greeks

Jacinta and Ryan Greek PowerPoint

All you need to know about Ancient Greece





Year 3 & 4 Pentecost 1: Can you travel the world?

Wow What a journey!

This term we followed the adventures of Phileas Fogg as he travelled the world in 80 days. We learnt all about cities and countries in the Northern Hemisphere including Paris and San Fransisco then popped into India to learn about Sikhism on the way. We sketched the sights as we went, used computer programming to plot routes, calculated distance in our maths and wrote some superb versions of the story.

To top it all off, we went to Magna Science Adventure Centre to learn about the industrial age and the power of the elements to make steel - Phileas would never have made the journey without it!



Year 3 & 4 Lent 2: What makes the Earth angry?

What a disaster this term was!

Nothing to worry about - we have just been investigating the impact that natural disasters have on our planet. We started by researching the world's most famous volcanoes and wrote some excellent non-fiction texts then created our own papier mache eruptions! (Oliver found his quite alarming!)We then lost ourselves in an amazing book called 'Fox' in which we follow the journey of three creatures as they flee from a forest fire. We finished the term by exploring how humans are causing their own disasters and we learnt all about forest destruction caused by palm oil production. We learnt a lot!




Year 3 & 4 Lent 1: Where will you find Peter's shadow?

WOW! What bright sparks we've been this topic! We learnt all about the science of light this time and helped poor Peter Pan to find his lost shadow (if only he'd gone to school at English Martyrs' he would have known you can't just sew a shadow back on!). We wrote fantastic explanation texts, non chronological reports and narratives about fearsome pirates and cheeky Lost Boys - using all our year 3 and 4 writing skills . We used our maths in the wider curriculum skills when working out how far JM Barrie would have walked from his home in Nottingham to the Arboretum Park where we're sure those canons and lagoons inspired him!

We topped it all off with a truly awesome WOW day in which we showed that pesky Hook that we are up to any science challenge! 


Year 3 & 4 Advent 2: How will Peter hear the wolf?

Another brilliant topic in year 3 & 4 in which we learnt all about the science of sound. We discovered how sound moves in waves and we explored the correlation between source and pitch using a variety of homemade and professional instruments. Our homework junk instruments were phenomenal and our music lessons with teachers from Becket School music department really honed our performance skills.  We studied the story of Prokofiev's Peter and the wolf and created our own dramatic animated versions of the tale... that poor duck!






animation 1

animation 2


In the lead up to Christmas, we took time to consider the importance of Advent as an opportunity for prayer, celebrating with our community and peaceful reflection. We celebrated some wonderful class liturgies and created art and decorations.

worship side

staied glass


Year 3 & 4 Advent 1: Was Robin Guilty?


What a fun packed start to the year! We have been busy learning all about the legend of Robin Hood and his band of outlaws. We retold The Adventures of Robin Hood and also wrote very persuasive texts about joing King Offa's army! In history, we considered the possibility that the legend of Robin began in the Anglo Saxon times and this led us to some fascinating research about life for both rich and poor in those times. Our learning culminated with a wonderful WOW Day in which we recreated a typical Anglo Saxon battle scene with our fantastic homework armour and weaponry!




Year 3 & 4 Summer 2: Can you build Hope for the planet?

Wow, what a fantastic term! Earlier this year, we asked KS2 the question: "What do you hope for our planet?". The answers led us on an incredible journey to tackle the following issues:

• Can we stop litter going in the sea?

• Can we stop animals' habitats being harmed?

• Can we stop pollution?

• Can we save forests?

Our topic has focussed on the animals and environmental challenges faced by ourselves and our friends in Bunkpurugu, Ghana. We went on an incredible trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, had visits from African animals to school, spent time with our good friend from Ghana, Barbara Kildear, Mrs Pettifer even went to Ghana herself - what a journey! Please also visit our Building Hope in Bunkpurugu page on this website to find out more!





Year 3 & 4 Summer 1: Were the Romans really rotten?

This term, we have been learning about the rotten Romans! Our year 4s wrote very persuasive texts about the reasons you should come to the Roman Baths while our year 3s wrote fantastic reports. Then we lost ourselves in the story of Escape from Pompeii! This gave us plenty of opportunity to research volcanoes and rock formations. We created our own volcanic investigations in science. We ended with a WOW day in which we fought Roman battles, wrote a Roman Newspaper and repaired an ancient mosaic! What a term!





Year 3 & 4 Spring 2: Who painted the past?

This term, we have been learning about the Stone-Age. We have been looking at the paintings in the famous Lascaux caves and using these to inspire our art, history, geography, science and even our maths!


We have also put on an amazing Easter Production - 'Roll Back the Stone'. We created an Easter Art Raffle to raise funds for our favourite charity - Building Hope in Bunkpurugu.


Year 3 & 4 Spring 1: Where does our food come from and where does it go?

This term we have been learning all about the human digestive system. We are now experts on the correct scientific vocabulary to use at every stage of the process! We used our Working Scientifically skills to build a working model of the system using tights, cardboard tube, plastic bag and some mashed potato!





We spent a morning discussing how to communicate in a polite and positive way on line and how to respond if we come across negative communication. We create wrist bands with our Safer Internet Pledges on them.


Year 3 & 4: Season's Greetings!

What a wonderful half term we have had. Our topic has been "What's the story of Derby Road?" In this topic, we have learnt all about how Long Eaton grew from a group of farms listed in the Domesday book - to the town we know today! We have been on exciting trips along Derby Road and to Trent College to improve our history and geography. We have been writing stories about a Victorian child who was always late for school. We celebrated a Victorian WOW Day and to top it all off, we presented our work to esteemed visitors from the Long Eaton Chamber of Trade and Town Planning Department!




We hope you had a peaceful and joyful new year and have managed to get some rest amidst all the excitement!

During our Spring 1 Topic “What makes the earth shake?” We learnt all about the geography of Ghana. This included Lake Bosumpti which is a crater lake so we learnt all about how craters are made. We made our own volcanoes out of pastry and boiled sweets to see how the solid rocks would change into a liquid lava.

We also made our own miniature clay school models to celebrate our school building project in Bunkpurugu. We added a circuit to our models to make a school bell ring and a light come on.

In maths, we collected data about rainfall so that we could understand why our Ghanaian school friends needed to dig a borehole for fresh water.

The children at English Martyrs’ school have been digging deep!

Last year, the whole school community dug deep in its pockets to raise money for a school building project in Ghana. We raised over £12,000 which has paid for a fresh water borehole, pump and water tanks for their Ghanaian school friends.

This year, to mark this achievement, we have dug even deeper,

4 metres deep in fact,

and drilled our own fresh water borehole in the school field!

We will use this naturally occurring groundwater to tend to plants, maintain birdbaths and provide drinking water for wildlife.

The children have spent the past six weeks learning all about the environment, rainfall and water shortages, both in Ghana and here in the East Midlands. Local companies, Ivy House Environmental and Van Elle Drilling have kindly helped us realise our eco-ambitions by drilling the borehole.

The children have named the project “Hope Springs”, in honour of “Our Lady of Hope School” the Ghanaian building project we are supporting.