Year 3 & Year 4

Welcome back!

We hope you had a peaceful and joyful new year and have managed to get some rest amidst all the excitement!

During our Spring 1 Topic “What makes the earth shake?” We learnt all about the geography of Ghana. This included Lake Bosumpti which is a crater lake so we learnt all about how craters are made. We made our own volcanoes out of pastry and boiled sweets to see how the solid rocks would change into a liquid lava.

We also made our own miniature clay school models to celebrate our school building project in Bunkpurugu. We added a circuit to our models to make a school bell ring and a light come on.

In maths, we collected data about rainfall so that we could understand why our Ghanaian school friends needed to dig a borehole for fresh water.

The children at English Martyrs’ school have been digging deep!

Last year, the whole school community dug deep in its pockets to raise money for a school building project in Ghana. We raised over £12,000 which has paid for a fresh water borehole, pump and water tanks for their Ghanaian school friends.

This year, to mark this achievement, we have dug even deeper,

4 metres deep in fact,

and drilled our own fresh water borehole in the school field!

We will use this naturally occurring groundwater to tend to plants, maintain birdbaths and provide drinking water for wildlife.

The children have spent the past six weeks learning all about the environment, rainfall and water shortages, both in Ghana and here in the East Midlands. Local companies, Ivy House Environmental and Van Elle Drilling have kindly helped us realise our eco-ambitions by drilling the borehole.

The children have named the project “Hope Springs”, in honour of “Our Lady of Hope School” the Ghanaian building project we are supporting.