Visit to Bunkpurugu June 2018


A team from the Multi-Academy Trust, including our very own Mrs Pettifer, visited Bunkpurugu to see for themselves how our project to build a school there is progressing. We met the children, in particular those who had written us letters two years ago - Norbert, Laurencia, Philip, Joyce and many more. These children have such incredible potential to achieve great things in their lives, but with their existing school building in such poor condition, they do not have the opportunities they deserve.

Building update:

Thanks to all our fundraising, the new school building is looking very impressive. There are walls in place for all the classrooms and it is possible to visualise what the finished school will look like. Following a meeting with Sister Bernadine (The Director of Catholic Education in Northern Ghana) we discovered that Our Lady of Hope Primary School  is on track from becoming one of "the worst" school buildings to "the best school" in the district.

Moving forward, the team in Ghana are hopeful that over summer the structure will have a secure roof, working toilets, and that one class (Year 7) will be working in classroom one by September! This will mean that those very children we first came to know and love, Norbert, Laurencia, Philip and co. will be the first to benefit from the school they have inspired us to support.