Rainbows Charity Awareness - January 24th 2019

Miss Pugh's class were extremely lucky to have Alison visit from the Rainbows Hospice come to explain the work that Rainbows do. This is what some of the children learnt: 

'I've learnt that people go to Rainbows Hospice to have a lovely time.'

'Rainbows have support groups for sibblings that don't get enough attention.'

 'They have to raise £6 million a year to continue working.'

'I learnt that there was a little girl, called Laura, who had a terminal disease, when she was two. Unfortuntley, she died when she was five and her family were inspired by her to create the charity. Her favourite thing was a rainbow, so they called it Rainbows.'

 'I learnt that they can do all the things that we can do but in a safe environment.'

 'I learnt that Rainbows is just like being at home and they have lots of things to do.'

'I learnt that Rainbows is different to most charities because of the different trips they do. They also make the children's lives fun.'

'They change the equipment to suit the children there at the time.' 

 'The children have lots of different, fun activities to do like the cinema, a hydrotherapy pool and soft play area.' 

CAFOD Volunteer Centre - January 21st 2019

Our Year 6 Chaplaincy team were extremely fortunate to be able to visit the CAFOD Volunteer Centre in Bulwell. They were joined by children from Holy Trinity School in Newark and jumped at the opportunity to plan and deliver a Liturgy for the Sisters in the Poor Clare Monastery. The Sisters were very impressed with what the children had planned and afterwards stayed to talk to the children and answer any questions they may have had. 

In the afternoon, Maggie - who works at CAFOD's volunteer centre - planned a variety of activities for the children. Some of the children were able to write their own prayers and intentions for the CAFOD prayer tree. The children were very keen to find out more about the work of CAFOD and develop their understanding of what their raising money and awareness for. It is now time for the Chaplaincy Team to pray, raise awareness and funds for their Charity. Keep a look out for their charity work over the next few months - particualrly so in Lent. 


Our charities for the year are: 










Exaltation of the Holy Cross

On Friday 14th September 2018, we celebrated the feast day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. This Mass was led by some of our Year Five children, as they had previously learnt about the Feast Day and planned and prepared the Mass. They shared their knowledge and understanding with the rest of the school, explaining that the Holy Cross is a sign and symbol of God. 

As we were celebrating that the Cross is a symbol of greatness and triumph; a sign of God, who shows his love, we were fortunate enough for Father Christopher to bless our new classroom crucifixes.