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The Catholic Life at English Martyrs’ underpins everything we do, throughout our school and our wider community.

Our vision is to educate children in the spirit of the Gospel Values and the traditions of the Catholic Church, nurturing the talents and potential of each individual.  Our mission statement reflects our beliefs and ambitions and is at the heart of all we do, written by the children, parents and staff members in 2013. Each year, we continuously revisit our mission statement to embed our beliefs into our daily Catholic life.

Please scroll down to find out more about the things we have been doing recently to reflect our Catholic Life. 

At English Martyrs’ we walk with Jesus and

Bishop Patrick's three spiritual themes

During the year 2018, Bishop Patrick encouraged all schools to promote his three spiritual themes of: Encounter (to call), Discipleship (to build) and Missionary Discipleship (to send). Therefore, at different points in the year, we will be focusing on each spiritual theme. Our Chaplaincy team for 2019-20 have already taken on the lead of exploring and promoting each theme, continuously adding to our display in school for other members of our community to see.

The Year of the Word

You may have already heard that this year is all about the God who speak: The year of the word. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales have designated 2020 as 'The God Who Speaks: A Year of the Word’ to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Verbum Domini - Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Exhortation on ‘The Word of the Lord’, and the 1600th anniversary of the death of St Jerome, who translated the Bible into Latin. 2020 will be a year of celebrating, living and sharing God's Word through a range of events, activities and resources, available across the dioceses of England and Wales. 

The Campaign Year will begin on Sunday 1 December 2019, the First Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the Church's Liturgical Year.

We have already launched this as a whole school on September 30th, which was an opportunity to learn about Saint Jerome - well known for his translation of the Bible. 

During the year, we will be celebrating, living and sharing God‘s word in an exciting and new way. Our current chaplaincy team have already taken on board the Year of the Word, with each team encompassing a different theme of: celebrating the word (Liturgy team), sharing the word (Prayer team) and living the word (Gospel team). We will have the opportunity to enrich children's understanding of scriputre and to develop and explore new ways of responding to ‘The God who Speaks’.

Ultimately, our aim is to explore Scripture, the Bible, the word of God, the Holy Book since it is at the heart of everything the Church says and what we do. It is at the focus of our prayer sessions and worship, how we understand the world, how we are called to live and how we relate to each another.

RSE - Journey in Love

As part of the guidance from the Diocese of Nottingham Education Service, and to ensure all children continue to grow and develop, all children across the Key Stages and EYFS are taught about relationships. We use the Journey in Love programme, which supports teachers in Catholic school to enable the holistic growth of children. Year 5 and 6 have additional age appropriate lessons and the material that we share with children will be available for parents to view at the beginning of the week. We will have a week dedicated to teaching this during our Advent term. 

Canaan Trust Charity - October 2019

Shoe Aid Appeal

Big thank you to everyone that helped out with our Shoe Aid Appeal. 

Friday 11th October 2019

Today, we were chosen as the primary school for the Saint Ralph Sherwin CMAT to take part in the Dowry Tour of Our Lady of Walsingham and Saint Barnabas' Cathedral, Nottingham. For the last couple of weeks, we have been working with one of our Secondary schools in the trust - Saint John Houghton - to lead one of the decades of the Rosary. We were asked to lead a time of prayer through an ‘Interactive Rosary’, so we decided to create a piece of artwork for the 4th Mystery - The Assumption of Mary - and wrote a letter to all people who may have shared the same feelings as Mary once did. It was a fantastic opportunity for all children and a great celebration of Our Lady. A big thank you and well done to our Prayer team, who embraced this opportunity with open arms. 

Thursday 10th October 2019 - World Homeless Day

At Mass on Sunday, we all heard the letter written by Bishop Patrick remind us that Thursday 10th October was World Homeless Day. Bishop Patrick wanted to encourage us to support the needs of homeless people locally, and to inspire us to respond positively. One of our classes this year - Reception/Year 1, Miss Daykin - have the Canaan Trust as their charity, so it was the perfect opportunity for them to learn more about homelessness and raise awareness for others in the school. The children in this class spent the afternoon looking at ways they can help people in our local community and built shelters out of cardboard in the EYFS playground to deepen their understanding of what it means, helping them to understand who they are helping out with their class charity. Well done to all children that got involved. 

Wednesday 18th September 2019

With our class charities being such a great sucess last year, we have decided to continue raising money and awareness for charity. However, as your children move throughout the school, they will have a different class charity to learn about. Please read the RE newsletter to find out more. 

As members of staff, we have decided to raise money and awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, a charity close to some of the staff at English Martyrs. 

Therefore, to start out fundraising off for the year, we held a breakfast morning for all families and members of our community to attend. A big thank you to those that visited and supported our staff charity. 

Monday 2nd September - Friday 6th September - Mission Statement and Gospel Value Week 

This week, whilst our Year six students have been away, the rest of the school has had a 'Pause week' from regular lessons to revisit our mission statement and introduce our new class Gospel Value. Everyone in school loves this week as it's an opportunity to explore our mission statement further and in a variety of different ways. 

New for this year is our Gospel Values. Every class has been given their own Gospel Value, which they will be exploring more in their daily lives and throughout various pieces of scripture/charity work over the course of the year. Our Year 6 children were very lucky to explore all our Gospel Values in one week! We hope that they can bring back all their information they've learnt and share it with our younger children as the year goes on. 

Monday 2nd September - Friday 6th September - Year 6 Trip to the Briars

We are very lucky to have the opportunity to visit the Briars Catholic Youth Retreat Centre on our first week back after the summer holidays. It gives the children and teachers a great chance to start the year working together as a team.

Our Year 6 children had a fantastic first week back, getting to know their Gospel Value as well as every other Gospel Value associated to other classes in the school. Each group explored the theme of Gospel Values through boat making, CAFOD den building, prayer, music and silence. 

Mid-way through the week, our children had the opportunity to be involved in a range of activities, which included: canoeing, scrambling and fire making. All children showed great team work, courage and bravery whilst partaking in such activities but had a wonderful time. 

Take a look at the Briars' blog: https://ndcys.com/english-martyrs-start-the-year/  


5th July 2019 - First Holy Communion Mass 

Our First Holy Communion celebration is one of the most special occaisions in the school calendar. Children from across Key Stage 2 have spent a lot of the time planning their Mass, and today they were able to celebrate with the family, friends and the rest of the school community. We thank Father Christopher for coming to celebrate Mass for us. 

29th June 2019 - Year six Treetops fundraising

Well done to all the children in Miss Macdonald's class who spent all their time during Lent finding different things to sell at their jumble sale. The other children thoroughly enjoyed browsing your stalls and buying toys/books/games/clothes to support your charity. 

27th June 2019 - Sleepover 

Some of the year five and six children were crazy enough to want to come back to school but at night time!!! They had a fantastic time though, playing rounders, watching films and keeping the teachers awake with their singing! Well done everyone involved. 

26th June 2019 - Rigby House Mass

Children in Rigby have been planning their House Mass for weeks and today they were finally able to celebrate their house Saint together, with their family members and our community. Well done to all children and staff members in Rigby, your mass was a lovely celebration of your Saint.

26th June 2019 - Careers Fair 

Today, the whole of key stage two had the opportunity to talk to a range of people in different careers. They were able to discuss the different skills and qualifications needed for certain careers and throughly enjoyed this. A big thank you to those that came and helped support out careers fair. 

24th June 2019 - Becket STEM Day

Year five have had a fantastic day at the Becket, using their science and maths skills to create a 3D playground. 

10th June 2019 - Rainbows Liturgy 

The children in Miss Pugh's class have been raising awarness and fundraising for their class charity, which coincidently is also one of our CMAT charities. Today, they planned and delivered a liturgy to all children in Key Stage 2, teaching them about the wonderful work Rainbows does. 


7th June 2019 - Saint Ralph Sherwin CMAT Day

Some of our year five children were asked to attend our Saint Ralph Sherwin CMAT Day, along with all the other schools in the trust. We had the opportunity to meet the Bishop and 'grill him' with all the questions we've ever wanted to know, we also worked with the Briars team to think about different prayer stations and then celebrated Mass with the Bishop. 

6th June 2019 - Rainbows Hopsice Charity Bins

Miss Pugh's class have been collecting unwanted gifts and accesories, as well as clothes, hats/scarves and shoes, that are in good condition. Children from her class have loved monitoring the bins this week. Well done Year 5/6. 

20th May 2019 - Sikhism Week

As part of our Catholic Life and Religious Education, we recognise the importance for other world faiths and this week we have been looking at Sikhism. We have been extremely lucky in the fact that our student teacher - Miss Kaur - is Sikh and was more than willing to come in and teach us all about her faith. All over the school we have had different classes learning about different aspects of Sikhism, however, Miss Kaur taught us the basics on Monday morning, which helped support all classes in their Sikhism RE topic. 

Incorporating Catholic Life into World Art Day

Despite World Art Day being in the middle of the Easter holidays, we thought we would embrace the day a little bit earlier. Some of the pieces of art work are incredible, well done English Martyrs'

Stations of the Cross 2019

On Monday 8th April, we gathered together as a school to begin the final part of our Lenten journey. Each class was given their station to reflect upon and create something for our Stations of the Cross celebration on Thursday 11th April. We made it slightly different this year, as each classes station was linked to their charity. Every class went above and beyond, creating some spectular pieces of artwork and drama, and to finish, with the 12th station, choir sang a very moving and reflective song. Take a look at some of the photos below: 


Lenten Fundraising - Reception and Year 1

Reception and Year 1 have been extremely busy this Lent. They have been thinking about Jesus and how to care for the world at the same time. They went on a long walk to West Park and made their own biscuits to sell to their families!! Well done everyone. 


Lenten Fundraising - Year 5

The children in Year 5 created their own obstacle course, which looked extremely challenging. They asked their family and friends to sponsor them and had lots of fun doing it as well!! 

Lenten Fundraising - Year 4

Year 4 have continued their fundraising for Bunkpurugu by creating their own pieces of art work, which have been raffled off at their Easter production. Some of the children in Year 4 have also set up their own 'Guess how many sweets in the jar' competition. Well done! 

Lenten Fundraising - Year 6

Lenten Fundraising - Year 3/4

Miss Dickson's class have put together a hamper of fun! To win, you need to get your raffle tickets from one of the Y3/4 representatives on the playground and the raffle will be drawn on Thursday 11th April. Only 20p a ticket, or £1 a strip. Good luck!! 

Lenten Fundraising - Year 5/6

Miss Pugh's class have been making and selling cakes for their class charity - Rainbows. They created their own Rainbow inspired cakes and everyone loved it! Well done Year 5/6! 

CAFOD Week - 11th March

We have had an excellent week supporting CAFOD! Maggie launced our week with an inspiring collective worship litrugy based on the works of CAFOD. We then held our own stall full of information for children to read. This was followed by our Breakfast morning - which was well attended and a great start to everyone's day. Finally, we ended the week with the whole school wearing green and white clothes for CAFOD, donating money to raise for their funds. Thank you everyone that has taken part and supported us this week. We've really enjoyed it! 



CAFOD Week - Monday 11th March 2019

This week is CAFOD week - a chance for our Chaplaincy team to raise awareness and money for their selected charity. We have kick started the week with a visit from Maggie Mairura, who works with CAFOD in the Nottingham Diocese. She delivered an inspiring liturgy, which has educated all the children on the work CAFOD do. 

Keep an eye out for the rest of the week, as the Chaplaincy team have got lots planned! 



Rainbows Charity Awareness - January 24th 2019

Miss Pugh's class were extremely lucky to have Alison visit from the Rainbows Hospice come to explain the work that Rainbows do. This is what some of the children learnt: 

'I've learnt that people go to Rainbows Hospice to have a lovely time.'

'Rainbows have support groups for sibblings that don't get enough attention.'

 'They have to raise £6 million a year to continue working.'

'I learnt that there was a little girl, called Laura, who had a terminal disease, when she was two. Unfortuntley, she died when she was five and her family were inspired by her to create the charity. Her favourite thing was a rainbow, so they called it Rainbows.'

 'I learnt that they can do all the things that we can do but in a safe environment.'

 'I learnt that Rainbows is just like being at home and they have lots of things to do.'

'I learnt that Rainbows is different to most charities because of the different trips they do. They also make the children's lives fun.'

'They change the equipment to suit the children there at the time.' 

 'The children have lots of different, fun activities to do like the cinema, a hydrotherapy pool and soft play area.' 

CAFOD Volunteer Centre - January 21st 2019

Our Year 6 Chaplaincy team were extremely fortunate to be able to visit the CAFOD Volunteer Centre in Bulwell. They were joined by children from Holy Trinity School in Newark and jumped at the opportunity to plan and deliver a Liturgy for the Sisters in the Poor Clare Monastery. The Sisters were very impressed with what the children had planned and afterwards stayed to talk to the children and answer any questions they may have had. 

In the afternoon, Maggie - who works at CAFOD's volunteer centre - planned a variety of activities for the children. Some of the children were able to write their own prayers and intentions for the CAFOD prayer tree. The children were very keen to find out more about the work of CAFOD and develop their understanding of what their raising money and awareness for. It is now time for the Chaplaincy Team to pray, raise awareness and funds for their Charity. Keep a look out for their charity work over the next few months - particualrly so in Lent. 


Our charities for the year are: 










Exaltation of the Holy Cross

On Friday 14th September 2018, we celebrated the feast day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. This Mass was led by some of our Year Five children, as they had previously learnt about the Feast Day and planned and prepared the Mass. They shared their knowledge and understanding with the rest of the school, explaining that the Holy Cross is a sign and symbol of God. 

As we were celebrating that the Cross is a symbol of greatness and triumph; a sign of God, who shows his love, we were fortunate enough for Father Christopher to bless our new classroom crucifixes.