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Whilst we were stuck at home, it was lovely to recieve so many positive messages from parents and children. We loved your end of term Liturgy, which brought a tear to every teacher's eye, so thank you for that. 

If you want to stay up to date with Liturgy and prayer, please follow the following links: - This is our Saint Ralph Sherwin Trust page, bursting with prayer resources, blog links and Lenten resources.  - This is the NYDCS youtube channel and definitely worth a watch! 

Chaplaincy at English Martyrs'

Chaplaincy is an important part of Catholic Life at English Martyrs' and shapes our faith by leading us in a variety of prayer sessions and worship. We are very fortunate in our school since we have Chaplaincy support from The Becket and Joe Hopkins, as well as Mrs McElhone and Miss Pugh. The Chaplaincy Team are very well respected and take great pride in helping younger children in the school learn more about prayer, worship, planning and delivering liturgies, Saints and Feast days. 

This year, we had 21 children apply for Chaplaincy Team - far more than we've ever had before. To continue developing and expanding Chaplaincy further, we thought it was only fair for all children that applied to have the opportunity to be part of our Year 6 Chaplaincy team. Therefore, our Chaplaincy Team has been split into three teams, that have been closely linked to the Year of the Word: Litrugy Team (Celebrating the word), Gospel Team (Living the Word) and Prayer team (Sharing the Word). 

Liturgy Team Responsibilities

Celebrating the Word

Supporting teachers and children in planning and delivering collective worship.

Organising and tidying the Liturgy trolley.

Planning and writing the Chaplaincy newsletter.

Plan, prepare and create Chaplaincy display.

Evaluate Tuesday and Friday liturgies using the evaluation form.

Educate children on how to plan and evaluate liturgies.

Gospel Team Responsibilities

Living the Word

Ensuring teachers and children are aware of any Catholic Life/Collective Worship/RE events.

Educate children on our Liturgical year.

Ensuring the RE standards are outstanding e.g. RE books and RE displays

Promote Bishop Patrick’s Three Spiritual Themes and update display.

Plan, prepare and create Chaplaincy display.

Prayer Team Responsibilities

Sharing the Word

Regularly evaluating prayer corners in every classroom and giving feedback to teachers.

Creating your own prayer stations inside and outside the school.

Facilitating a prayer club at lunch time.

Parents evening prayer station in the LIGHT

Educate children on our Liturgical year and any events taking place e.g. Month of Mary.

What's been happening this year?

Friday 4th October 2019

Today, members of our Liturgy team and Gospel team joined with children from schools within the 'Our Lady of Lourdes' Trust for their Hub Mass. Their Saint is Saint Francis of Assisi and so we celebrated his feast day. It was a lovely celebration with all the children and Priests from different parishes. 

Friday 27th September 2019

A big well done to our Prayer team today for organising and leading their own prayer club at lunch time. You can a lovely turn out and children have written some very thoughtful and reflective prayers. 

Friday 13th September 2019

At the end of our wonderful Mass today, the Chaplaincy team were presented with their badges, as they said their chaplaincy team promise.

Newsletter Advent 1 2019

Chaplaincy team 2019-2020

We are very excited to announce that our Chaplaincy team has grown and expanded, thanks to the number of children that wanted to be involved. Come back soon to find out more. 

Thank you Chaplaincy Team 2018-19

A BIG thank you to our 12 Chaplaincy team members for this year, you have been an inspiration to so many childrenn and adults and we appreciate everything you've done for us. We hope that you remember English Martyrs' as you move onto your new learning journey at secondary school. 


We have had an excellent week supporting CAFOD! Maggie launced our week with an inspiring collective worship litrugy based on the works of CAFOD. We then held our own stall full of information for children to read. This was followed by our Breakfast morning - which was well attended and a great start to everyone's day. Finally, we ended the week with the whole school wearing green and white clothes for CAFOD, donating money to raise for their funds. Thank you everyone that has taken part and supported us this week. We've really enjoyed it! Please download our poster to see more images > >


CAFOD Week - Monday 11th March 2019


It's our charity week! We are looking to raise money and awareness for CAFOD this week. We have got the following planned: 


Wednesday 6th March - Ash Wednesday 

This year Bishop Patrick has also asked us to reflect on “Discipleship” during Lent, further developing our relationship with Jesus that we have already experienced during Advent when we “Encountered” Christ Jesus.  A disciple is someone who wishes to be used by Christ as a way in which his love, care, compassion, healing and forgiveness can be shared with others. Suring this service and throughout Lent think about how you can be a disciple of Christ Jesus.

Our Year 6 Chaplaincy team planned and delivered a thoughtful and prayerful litrugy for Ash Wednesday. They reminded us of the three pillars of Lent and what we can do to remember that we are making a journey alongside our famiies around the world living in poverty. They distributed the ashes to the children in the school, showing we are ready to make a change to our lives. 


CAFOD Volunteer Centre - January 21st 2019

Our Year 6 Chaplaincy team were extremely fortunate to be able to visit the CAFOD Volunteer Centre in Bulwell. They were joined by children from Holy Trinity School in Newark and jumped at the opportunity to plan and deliver a Liturgy for the Sisters in the Poor Clare Monastery. The Sisters were very impressed with what the children had planned and afterwards stayed to talk to the children and answer any questions they may have had. 

In the afternoon, Maggie - who works at CAFOD's volunteer centre - planned a variety of activities for the children. Some of the children were able to write their own prayers and intentions for the CAFOD prayer tree. The children were very keen to find out more about the work of CAFOD and develop their understanding of what their raising money and awareness for. It is now time for the Chaplaincy Team to pray, raise awareness and funds for their Charity. Keep a look out for their charity work over the next few months - particualrly so in Lent. 


Advent Liturgy

We are extremely proud of our children that have been involved in planning and preparing our Advent Liturgies. Today we finished with our final 'Love' Liturgy, which was extremely prayerful and lead by our Year 6 Chaplaincy Team. Thank you to all parents and carers that came to join our celebration today. 

Charity work

We have now launched our charity project throughout the school. Today, 23rd October 2018, we presented the charities during our whole-school liturgy and each class was given their own charity to work with throughout the year. With this, we asked the rest of the school to make a heart with their hands and pledge that...



Tuesday 9th October - Chaplaincy Meeting 

We gathered together as a team today to discuss our upcoming charity work. We are really excited to share with you our plans for this year. We are currently planning our own assembly to launch our charity project, so look out for further information. 



Tuesday 25th September

Today our Chaplaincy led their first whole-school Liturgy based around the theme of 'Serving Others'. They worked alongside our Chaplain, Joe, to introduce themselves to the rest of the school, explaining what their role is, how they are going to support the rest of the school and their aims for this year. We are really excited to watch the Chaplaincy grow and inspire others across the year.  

Remember, we will:

- be there if you need to talk

- be wearing our yellow lanyards so you can spot us

- always put you before ourselves

You can find out all about us on the Chaplaincy Board in the coridoor. 

What does the Pope say?

Read Pope Francis' latest tweet. Great thoughts and reminders about how to live our lives

Say Hello to our 2018-19 Chaplaincy Team 


Chaplaincy Team 2018-2019

We are extremely excited to announce that our Chaplaincy team have been chosen for 2018-2019. Come back soon to find out more about what they've been up to at the beginning of our Advent 1 term and their plans for the rest of the year. 

In the meantime, you can have a look at the wonderful work we have been doing with The Chaplaincy team at the Becket. You can also have a look at what our school community has been thinking about in our own school liturgies which have been prepared by the pupils in the school. 

We are the Chaplaincy Team 2016-2017


The Jubilee Year of Mercy

On Friday 18th of November 2016, we went to St Barnabas Cathedral in Nottingham with Mrs McElhone & Mrs Mann. We celebrated with Bishop Patrick, the last mass for the year of Mercy.  All the schools from the diocese of Nottingham were represented at the mass & it was “live streamed” across the diocese.  Every school had to bring an item to represent what they have been doing over the year. We made a brick wall with pictures of some of the children from Our Lady of Good Hope School in Bunkpurugu, to represent the children & community we will continue to support as part of our Year of Mercy legacy. We were interviewed about our legacy LIVE on stream that went across the diocese, check us out on it was very exciting!

Bishop Patrick reminded us that “Mercy doesn’t end this year, we need to be merciful to all our brothers & sisters”

He asked us if we understood what it was to have a “seeing heart” and how we could continue with our works of mercy throughout our lives.

The Year of Mercy has been a time to make us all think about what we have and what we can share and do for others.

By Anna, Rhys & Dimitria Yr6 Chaplaincy Team